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The year 1996 launched the beginning for one of Stuttgart, Germany’s most sought after DJ’s, DJ Lenzageddon.

He received a tape of  a rap group called “Massive Tone” from a friend. He was so impressed by the groups flow and the track. He also went to see them perform where he was able to observe their technique as and they scratched and mix.

DJ Lenzagaddon, after seeing so many mix shows decided to become a DJ himself to show the world that he had his own style as well.

He started doing local parties and drop his first mixtape. The mixtape made it possible for him DJ in some of the largest clubs in Stuttgart/ Germany, Club Zapata and Club Zollamt just to name a few…

In 2003 he won the “Championship League DJ Battle” at the Rude Club in Stuttgart,Germany, because of DJ Lenzageddon original style and flair he was able to keep the party jumping.   After he won the Championship League DJ Battle this afforded him the opportunity to mix with one of the best International known DJ’s,  DJ Head and DJ PF Cuttin.

In 2004 he started a DJ click called “Primetunes” with included three of his DJ Colleagues.  They brought the house down at several parties in South Germany and in 2005 they did the after show party for the “Hip HopOpen” festival that also took place in Germany, a long with many others.

But as we all know that sometimes all good things must come to a end.  During this time DJ Lenzageddon decided to break off from the group and explore a new horizon.  So at the end of 2005 Lenzageddon decide to go his own way again.

Since then he has brought the party at several  for hundred and thousand of people throughout the international seen all the way to Switzerland and the surrounding countries, but at this time who’s counting.  All I know is DJ Lenzageddon is the man.

He still continues to DJ some of the baddest DJ’s out there such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premiere, DJ Tony Touch and DJ Sub Zero etc.

He now as joined forces with his long time DJ partner DJ Sket and formed a DJ monster called “BlazinBrothers” where they have both been guest DJ’s in various different countries such as Switzerland, Spain,Slowenia and Croatia since 2007.

BlazinBrothers is a DJ arsenal to be reckon with. They have also expanded there energies into the states also.

In 2009 DJ Lenzageddon created the radio show, FUCK TV LISTEN TO ME, which is hosted and mixed by himself. Every monday night from 9pm- 11pm (CET) DJ Lenzageddon spins the hottest Rap-ish LIVE on

Partys in citys like New York, Stuttgart or Prishtina (to name only a few) shows Lenzageddons skills. He played alongside hiphop legends and get s the honour to play as the first german DJ on BEATMINERZ Radio. DJ Lenzageddon was also the first german DJ who ever got a guest spot on the famous TocaTuesday at Club Sutra/ NewYork. Not only europe knows about one of the best kept secret from Stuttgart – DJ LENZAGEDDON



Club Hypnotic / Belgrad
Club Midnight / Skopje

Club Piranha / Zagreb
Club Proton / Stuttgart

Club Zapata / Stuttgart
Club Zollamt / Stuttgart
Club Zone / Prishtina
DJ Club / Mallorca
Koyote / Düsseldorf

Sutra Lounge / NewYork
TonStudio / Stuttgart

and many more…


Beatminerz Radio
HipHopOpen Aftershow
Touch the lake Aftershow

and many more….

Played with

DJ JazzyJeff
DJ Premier
DJ SubZero
DJ TonyTouch

Div Aftershows for:
Cali Agents
Culcha Candela
Jeru the Damaja

and many more…


January 2014 – the first dates -

the first dates in 2014! I promise to keep this post up to date. 03.01.2014 @ T.G.I.F. on 03.01.2014 @ Corso Bar /// Stgt 04.01.2014 @ Altes Zollamt /// Stgt 06.01.2014 @ F*** TV LISTEN TO ME!!! for further information check : 10.01.2014 @ T.G.I.F. on 13.01.2014 @ F*** TV…

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Münchinger Sommernacht 2013

DJ Lenzageddon wird auf der diesjährigen Münchinger Sommernacht auflegen. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Modehaus Kämpf wird unter dem Motto: “Hometown SummerMix” der Stiegelplatz zur OpenAir RnB Lounge. Los gehts am Freitag den 2 August um 18 Uhr! Ein klares Heimspiel für DJ Lenzageddon! weiter Infos werden die Tage folgen!

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DJ Lenzageddon auf Bundlr

DJ Lenzageddon ist ab sofort auch auf vertreten. Im Bundlr typischen Style werden allerlei WebClips, Tweets, News, etc zu Themen zusammengefasst und optisch ansprechend präsentiert. Bundlr schreibt über sich selber: What is Bundlr?   We’re afoot with an information overload. New sources and mediums are emerging and each specialist…

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